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Caring for your storksak
We are always being asked the best way to clean your Storksak, and rightly so – when you invest in a luxury handbag it is important you treat it with the love and attention that it deserves. That’s why we have put our heads together and worked closely with our design team, testing various cleaning products to bring you the best cleaning instructions to care for your Storksak.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not put your Storksak bag in the washing machine, submerge fully in water or use any complex products.


(For Nylon Products)

Before you begin protecting your Storksak it is important your bag is clean. Wipe using a damp cloth (not overly wet as this can cause water stains) to remove any surface dirt. Remember to keep rinsing your cloth to prevent the dirt spreading. Please note we DO NOT recommend that you clean a leather bag with water.

If you wish to use soapy water please apply carefully with a cloth or sponge. Do not soak your bag or submerge in water. Use a mild soap and test an inconspicuous area of the bag beforehand. Remember to clean gently and remove any excess moisture with a dry clean cloth. Leave your Storksak to dry fully in a well-ventilated area. Never use artificial heat to dry your bag as this can cause permanent damage and always let any water spillages dry naturally.


(For Leather Only)

Conditioning your Storksak is like moisturising your leather; this can help prolong the life of the leather and keep it soft and supple. To prevent the leather ageing, apply a small dollop of conditioner and rub gently in a circular motion with a soft, clean cloth.

NOTE: Before you proceed to condition your Storksak bag, test the product on a small patch of your bag in an area that isn't very visible. In some circumstances it can discolour the leather - make sure you read the product instructions carefully first.

Leave your chosen leather gel, oil or cream on for 10 minutes before wiping off any excess with a soft clean cloth and air-dry in a well-ventilated room. We would recommend doing this on a monthly basis to keep your leather looking its shiny best.


(For Leather Only)

As leather is a permeable material, it can never be entirely waterproof. Nonetheless, the following products have been created specifically for waterproofing soft leather, acting as a barrier against water. There are a number of sprays that have been created for leather and suede products. Spray evenly several times over the bag and let dry, afterwards polish and smooth if necessary. Beeswax products also protect against water damage but may alter the hue of your leather so please test first.

Damage to your Storksak can also be caused by sunlight. It is therefore important that when not in use, your bag is stored away from sunlight and if possible in a box or dust bag. Filling your bag with stuffing will also maintain the shape, although please do not use newspaper as this could smear and mark your interior, we would recommend using acid-free tissue paper to do this.

Some final tips would be to air your bag every few weeks and try not to let your bag rub against dark coloured clothing such as denim that can transfer colour to your bag and cause staining. Leather being a natural material, it is expected to have minor variations in colour and texture which may be visible on the surface, which add to its charm and individuality. Finally, enjoy it – Storksak bags, like mothers are designed to withstand everyday pressures, by showing it some love it will love you back and will support you through those early stages of motherhood.

 Caring for your storksak