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Welcome to Storksak


Suzi and Mel launched Storksak in 2003 because becoming a parent is daunting, you are thrust into a world you know nothing about. Reading book after book, blog after blog, listening to those that have trodden the path before you … there is a lot to take in. Suzi and Mel felt this way when they became mothers for the first time, so decided to start a business to give a little helping hand to new parents.


When you become a parent, your changing bag is your life line. A good changing bag helps you with getting out the house, managing your day, achieving that occasional ‘parent win’.


But not all changing bags are created equal, so Storksak starts from the inside - making sure everything is there ready and waiting for you. With luxury changing mats, pockets, dividers and insulated bags or compartments to help keep you organised. All easy to access for mopping up spills, averting hunger tantrums, and keeping your necessities out of reach from little hands and mouths! Then attention is turned to making the bag look as good on the outside as it works on the inside.


After gaining a cult celebrity following for contemporary changing bags that are built to last, Storksak has grown into a brand synonymous with quality and style and the success of the changing bags has led to launching ranges of travel bags, organic skincare, and beautiful gifts for mother and baby.







Note from Melanie and Suzi...


Honesty Hour

"The main spark of starting Storksak, and soon after Babymel, was to have a wonderfully fun and thriving company that we could work around our babies and young children. Working with flexibility is the key! We’ve managed to do it, continue to do it, and are very proud of it.

Our wonderful team of designers, marketers, accountants and sales people are a mix of students, young professionals and working parents. The mix is great fun and we’re constantly learning along the way.

Now that’s enough about us, please enjoy all the different products we make!"


Melanie and Suzi